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Optimize Artistic image generation/editing.
The Art Button - AI Technology Solution

What is The Art Button?

TheArtButton is an AI tool that generates artistic images based on user inputs. Users can access the tool through a web page where they can log in and utilize various features. The tool offers an option to upload, paste, or drag optional images, which can serve as inspiration or a starting point for image generation. Users can modify the images using tools such as Img2Img, Inpaint, Brush, and Brush Size, among others. The strength of these modifications can be adjusted to fine-tune the desired output. Additionally, users have the ability to edit, rotate, flip, and mirror the images according to their preferences. The tool also provides options to remove certain elements from the images.Generation options are available to users, such as selecting the number of iterations and the model to use for the generation process. Different models like SD 1.5, SD 2.0, SD 2.1, and Sampler can be utilized, and a seed can be used to generate images with a specific starting point. The tool operates on a token-based cost system, where users need to log in to start generating images.Overall, TheArtButton offers users a range of image generation and editing features, allowing them to create unique and artistic images. The tool provides flexibility in terms of input options, modification tools, and generation models, giving users the ability to customize and refine their outputs.

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