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What is TextBuilder.ai?

TextBuilder.ai is a next generation AI writing tool designed to help affiliate managers and copywriters save time and money when creating content. It provides a powerful text builder interface that enables users to quickly and easily generate high-quality articles and reviews with just a few clicks. TextBuilder.ai is powered by the latest generation of text generation AI, which runs on ultra-fast GPU cloud servers for lightning-fast generation of text in just 2-5 seconds. Additionally, TextBuilder.ai’s team consists of several affiliate experts who have integrated their knowledge into the AI models, allowing users to write Top 10 Best… or Buyers Guide articles quickly and easily. With TextBuilder.ai, users can generate Ads Copy (AIDA, PAS, Facebook, Google Ads), Blog Content (Blog Intros, Outlines Ideas, Bullet Points to Full Blog, Post Conclusions), and Affiliate Product Reviews (Product Reviews Paragraphs, Review Intros). TextBuilder.ai is suitable for bloggers, authors, affiliate marketers, SEO agencies and startup founders, and comes with a one-time lifetime payment, so users don’t have to pay monthly for the tools they need to run their business.

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