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What is TeamAide?

TeamAide is a team collaboration tool designed for small and midsize companies that utilizes the OpenAI API. It allows users to effectively manage team members across multiple workspaces similar to ChatGPT Enterprise. The tool integrates with the OpenAI API as well as the Azure OpenAI Service API. With TeamAide, users can interact with multiple language models (LLMs) using just one workspace. API keys can be managed and shared with team members, and there are plans to support integration with additional LLMs in the future.One of the key features of TeamAide is the ability to create and share prompt templates with the team. These prompt templates can be debugged and modified collectively, with customizable editing permissions to prevent accidental modifications. TeamAide also offers the capability to convert prompt templates into visual applications, enabling better control over output formats and facilitating team workflows.Additionally, TeamAide supports the creation of an LLM knowledge base using various data sources such as uploaded files, data from Notion, and data from Google Drive. These documents can be interacted with through chat to extract information or referenced as data sources in team applications.Presently, TeamAide is free to use, with pricing plans set to be introduced once all features are ready. It offers unrestricted access to models such as GPT-4, subject to API account permissions. A ChatGPT subscription is not required, as users can access ChatGPT directly through the OpenAI API. For further inquiries, users are encouraged to contact the TeamAide support team.

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