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Optimize Task flow generation and management.
Taskheat AI Assistant - AI Technology Solution

What is Taskheat AI Assistant?

Taskheat is a task management app designed for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices. It allows users to link and visualize their to-do lists through an innovative flowchart feature, providing a comprehensive overview of their tasks. Users can manage complex relationships by creating, modifying, and deleting existing links. The app also enables users to tag their tasks, assign color-coded tags, and receive notifications when any of their tasks are due. Taskheat also has a unique feature that allows users to delegate tasks to third parties who have the expertise to solve them without interfering with actual tasks.Taskheat AI Assistant is an artificial intelligence-based tool that helps build a task flow by generating tasks based on existing input. It is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices and has a beta-version status, which may be subject to change regarding its availability, content, and pricing in future releases. Taskheat is a free-to-try application that offers a two-week trial period to evaluate the app and decide whether it fits the user’s needs. It is a single purchase for all versions and not a subscription-based model. The Full Version price varies depending on the user’s region and currency. Taskheat uses cookies to personalize the user’s experience and has a Privacy Policy that users should review before using the app.

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