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What is SurfAI?

SurfAI is a simple, no-code web scraping tool designed specifically for B2B sales automation. Utilizing 1-click templates, it allows users to automate lead generation, competitor research, and web monitoring for intelligent decision-making. By extracting and analyzing data using GPT, SurfAI saves time and enhances sales outcomes. With SurfAI, users can effortlessly extract and monitor web data to identify potential prospects who are actively seeking solutions. Its sales trigger automation feature enables users to stay updated and engage with prospects at the right time. The tool enables users to extract relevant data and generate leads from various websites and social media platforms without the need for coding skills. Utilizing pre-built templates, users can apply simple or advanced AI filters to ensure that they only receive relevant results.SurfAI provides an AI-powered scraper that empowers users to analyze, filter, qualify, summarize, categorize, personalize, and automate prospecting activities. This comprehensive set of features streamlines the sales process, saving time and increasing productivity.Additionally, SurfAI allows users to automate sales triggers, such as negative reviews, and engage with prospects as they research and ask questions about their products. It also offers upcoming features like tracking technology stack changes and hiring data to further enhance prospect targeting.The tool integrates with popular platforms such as Google Sheets, HubSpot (coming soon), and Lemlist (coming soon), providing seamless data transfer and workflow management.Overall, SurfAI is an effective solution for SaaS teams looking to monitor the web for sales triggers, engage in social sales, and extract high-quality lead lists to close deals efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities make it a valuable asset for B2B sales professionals.

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