Optimize Automated lead qualification and prospecting for sales.
Summio - AI Technology Solution

What is Summio?

Summio is an AI-powered tool designed to supercharge sales processes by automating prospecting, qualifying, and meeting scheduling. It allows sales teams to focus on closing deals while the tool takes care of growing the pipeline as an in-house SDR would do. With Summio, users can benefit from personalized emails based on insights gathered from leads across the web. The tool handles objections and answers questions in an automated way, providing almost instant follow-up with high-intent leads to keep them warm. It also offers automatic qualification based on the user’s customer profile and specific criteria, ensuring that meetings are only scheduled with the right prospects and increasing conversion rates. Summio operates as a virtual SDR that works 24/7, always ready to schedule meetings. The tool operates through three simple steps. Users create their business profile, providing information about their business and services, defining customer segments, and additional information to train the AI. Summio’s AI then automatically looks for contacts, gathers insights, reaches out with personalized emails, and qualifies leads. Finally, Summio books meetings with qualified leads at a fraction of the cost of an in-house SDR, allowing users to focus on closing deals.The tool is popular among startups, with testimonials highlighting its ability to revolutionize sales processes, streamline pipelines, increase productivity, and generate revenue. Summio offers different pricing options depending on the scale of the user’s startup, with a free trial available before either paying per meeting scheduled or hiring a virtual SDR. The tool also provides features like email inbox warmup, domain monitoring, and AI-powered insights to enhance the sales process.

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