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Stylefie - AI Technology Solution

What is Stylefie?

Stylefie AI is a tool that allows users to create creative headshots from their own selfies. By uploading a selfie, users can discover over 20 unique headshot styles and generate stunning photos in just seconds. The tool requires users to confirm their email before accessing the features.Once users upload their selfie, they can choose from a selection of reference styles or create a custom style. The tool provides options for different styles such as Fleece Collar, White Hijab, Pleated Shirt, Explorer Style, Blazer Elegance, Last Of Us, Cosplay Lux, and more. Users can select a main style and choose from three reference styles to further customize their headshot.After selecting the desired style, users can render the image with dimensions of 1024×1024 or 896×1152, depending on the style. The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate the transformed headshot quickly and efficiently.Stylefie AI also provides a privacy policy, terms of service, contact information, and an API for developers. The tool is available in English and is owned by Stylefie, Inc.In summary, Stylefie AI is an AI-powered tool that enables users to transform their selfies into unique and creative headshots using a variety of different styles.

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