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What is Strollr?

Strollr is an AI-powered walking tour app that offers personalized walking tours based on user preferences. With Strollr, users can explore various destinations and enjoy the best routes tailored to their specific interests and preferences. The app provides fully custom tours, instantly generating tailor-made itineraries based on user preferences, allowing for a unique and personalized walking experience.Strollr also allows users to discover new places and experiences globally, offering a platform to explore the world. Additionally, the app provides handy tools to save and plan for future travels, helping users to plan and budget their trips efficiently.One notable feature of Strollr is its versatility. Users have the freedom to ask any questions they may have, ensuring that they receive relevant information and guidance during their walking tours. Whether it is discovering historic landmarks in Paris, taking a romantic stroll through Venice, exploring the historical sites of London, experiencing a gangster-themed tour of New York, exploring the Gothic quarter in Barcelona, or visiting the famous bridge in Avignon, Strollr provides a wide range of options to suit various interests.Overall, Strollr is an AI-powered walking tour app that offers personalized itineraries, global exploration opportunities, and practical trip planning tools, making it an ideal companion for individuals seeking unique and tailored walking experiences.

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