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Storya - AI Technology Solution

What is Storya?

Storya is a revolutionary AI publishing platform that seeks to revolutionize the way people create and share stories. It offers AI tools for narration, smart translation, and design with an AI art generator. It also provides a platform for authors and writers to share their stories with a global audience, overcoming the barriers of language and borders. Storya is powered by AI Translator and AI Art Generator, which enables authors to create unique stories easily shared with everyone. It also includes a library of content and supports creators. On the platform, writers can find stories from different genres, labels, and cultures, which are easily accessible through their mobile devices or desktop. Storya is an intentional act to bring diverse voices and perspectives together in the fiction storytelling world. It is also a platform for creators to use NFTs as well. The team consists of experts in software development, communications, marketing, design, and population health management, among others.

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