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What is Stochastic?

Stochastic’s XTURING is an open-source library that allows users to easily build and control Large Language Models (LLMs) for personalized AI applications. With XTURING, users can fine-tune LLMs with their own data and customize them using state-of-the-art, hardware-efficient algorithms.The tool aims to make deep learning acceleration easy and accessible for enterprises and individuals. By providing a simple interface, users can personalize LLMs to their specific data and application needs, enabling them to build their own personalized AI systems.XTURING offers a development tool chain that allows users to quickly build LLMs with their own data using only three lines of code. The tool focuses on hardware efficiency, enabling faster fine-tuning processes with fewer GPUs.Additionally, Stochastic’s solution includes an enterprise-ready AI system that trains locally on user data and deploys on the cloud, scaling to support millions of users without the need for an engineering team. The tool also provides real-time logging and monitoring of resource utilization and cloud costs for deployed models.In summary, Stochastic’s XTURING is a tool that simplifies the process of building and controlling personalized AI systems. It offers a user-friendly interface for fine-tuning LLMs, focuses on hardware efficiency, and provides enterprise-ready features such as local training, cloud deployment, and monitoring capabilities.

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