Staircase AI

Optimize Detects customer sentiment & risks for Customer Success.
Staircase AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Staircase AI?

Staircase AI is a customer intelligence platform that helps uncover churn risks and growth opportunities. It uses AI to analyze millions of customer interactions and turn them into actionable insights. It provides an automated way to detect customer sentiment and relationship risks, helping Customer Success teams to be proactive in responding to customer needs. Staircase AI integrates with all communication channels, such as email, Slack, tickets, calls, and product usage, to give users a comprehensive view of their customer base. It also provides a live journey map to visualize customer experience and identify blind spots. The platform is designed with security in mind, offering certifications and advanced policies to ensure customers’ privacy and safety. Staircase AI is trusted by global Customer Success teams and has been praised by customers for its ability to detect customer sentiment, prevent situations from escalating and uncover new growth opportunities.

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