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What is Staccato?

Staccato is an AI MIDI music & AI lyrics generator that helps musicians, DJs, rappers and lyricists overcome writer’s block, learn new ways to compose, or get inspired. It provides AI-powered tools for MIDI music composition, lyrics writing, and digital audio workstation (DAW) integration. For music composition, users can play a melody, riff, or upload a MIDI file directly into Staccato’s MIDI editor, and the MIDI AI generator (the AI Instrument TM) will create the next part of the song in the same key, style, and mood. For lyrics, users can provide lyrics, keywords or a mood and Staccato’s AI lyrics generator will create new lyrics in seconds. Staccato’s AI MIDI maker and AI lyric generator work with any genre, including rap, pop, country, hip hop, EDM, gospel, soul, blues, jazz, and classical music.

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