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Spottabl - AI Technology Solution

What is Spottabl?

Spottabl is an AI-powered tool that connects employers with expert recruiters and agencies to streamline the hiring process for fast-growing startups and enterprises. With a network of over 5000 specialist recruiters, Spottabl provides access to a pool of vetted and interview-ready candidates, significantly reducing the time it takes to fill open positions.The platform offers several features to enhance the recruitment process. It recommends relevant job opportunities to recruiters based on their active talent network and specializations, helping them find continuous business opportunities. Recruiters can view 360-degree job descriptions that provide a comprehensive view of the role, including company pitch and job specifics.Spottabl’s AI-led profile discovery enables recruiters to find relevant talent from their own private pool. The platform’s social sourcing tool facilitates fast and efficient talent discovery. Recruiters are equipped with the necessary information and tools to qualify and submit interview-ready candidates, increasing the chances of successful placements.Additionally, Spottabl’s intelligent nudges and system integrations automatically submit candidates into the customer’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), eliminating the need for manual follow-ups.Recruiters can sign up on Spottabl, create their specialist profile, and showcase their sourcing prowess. The platform maximizes earning potential and provides transparency through success fees. Overall, Spottabl offers recruiters a streamlined and efficient way to connect with employers and find the right talent for their job roles, ultimately improving the hiring process for all stakeholders involved.

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