Optimize Data and time-series app development for enterprises.

What is Spice.ai?

Spice.ai is an enterprise-grade solution that provides pre-filled, planet-scale data and AI infrastructure for building data and time-series AI applications. It offers a composable, ready-to-use platform that accelerates the development of intelligent software. With Spice.ai, developers can create data and AI-driven applications by composing real-time and historical time-series data, custom ETL, machine learning training, and inferencing in a single, interconnected AI backend-as-a-service.One of the key features of Spice.ai is its ability to eliminate the need for developers to understand and call JSON RPC APIs and smart-contract ABIs. It also removes the requirement to build and operate complicated infrastructure to obtain web3 data, operate blockchain nodes, manage large amounts of data, or have an expensive SRE or Ops team. Additionally, developers don’t need to be experts in data science and machine learning to leverage AI with web3 and time-series data.Spice.ai includes high-quality, block-level web3 data indexing for ecosystems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Uniswap. Developers can query blockchain data using simple SQL in seconds and fetch results in JSON or Apache Arrow formats for easy integration with applications, machine learning, and libraries.Furthermore, Spice.ai provides machine learning pipelines for training and inferencing, as well as a model registry to easily share and access trained models. It also offers Spice Functions that allow developers to run custom code on every block of data, as well as storage options with persistent cloud-hosted DuckDB instances and connectivity to external data sources.Overall, Spice.ai is designed to make the building blocks of intelligent applications accessible to any developer, with a focus on enterprise-grade performance, developer-friendly tools and languages, and seamless integration with familiar data analysis frameworks.

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