Speech Meter

Optimize Pronunciation feedback for English learners.
Speech Meter - AI Technology Solution

What is Speech Meter?

Speech Meter is an AI-powered tool that aims to help users improve their English pronunciation by analyzing their accents and providing insights on their pronunciation accuracy. With Speech Meter, users can type or generate a phrase and say it out loud to receive feedback on their pronunciation. The tool then generates a score based on the user’s pronunciation, allowing them to track their progress over time.One of the key features of Speech Meter is its ability to analyze accents and provide insights. By utilizing AI technology, the tool has the capability to identify and evaluate specific areas where users may need improvement in their pronunciation. Users can gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in pronunciation, allowing them to focus on specific areas for improvement.Speech Meter also allows users to record and listen to their own speech, providing them with the opportunity to compare their pronunciation with native speakers or other reference points. By actively engaging in this recording and playback process, users can develop their auditory skills and work towards refining their pronunciation.As an AI tool, Speech Meter was developed by AE Studio, a team dedicated to creating innovative solutions. It emphasizes the importance of pronunciation accuracy and aims to assist users in enhancing their speech through objective analysis and comprehensive insights. Whether users are looking to refine their accent for personal or professional reasons, Speech Meter can serve as a useful tool in their language learning journey.

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