Optimize Automated grading of speaking homework for languages.

What is Speakable?

Speakable is an AI-powered tool for language teachers that allows them to create custom speaking assignments for their students in over 100 languages. The platform offers a flexible assignment builder that allows teachers to add pictures, voice recordings, custom translations, and more, making it easy for students to practice pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, practice using new grammar concepts, and train their ear. Speakable also automates grading, updating grades automatically as students complete their assignments, and provides students with instant feedback on their target language speech.One of the key features of Speakable is its ability to offer support for students. The platform provides feedback messenger and grade book analytics to help students when and where they need it most. With Speakable, teachers can personally evaluate all students in their class, and they can evaluate themselves, too. The creators are very responsive and continue to work on developing the program to best fit classroom needs.Speakable’s Global Library is home to over 1,000 sets of words, phrases, and sentences created by other language teachers. Teachers can easily turn Quizlet sets, tables of new vocabulary sets from lesson plans, lists of sentence starters, and more into auto-graded speaking assignments. Speakable’s core functionality is free forever, but for a custom price quote for your school or district, contact the sales team. Overall, Speakable is a practical solution for language teachers as it automates grading, provides feedback, and offers a flexible interface to create custom speaking assignments tailored to the needs of the students.

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