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Socra - AI Technology Solution

What is Socra?

Socra is an AI-powered platform for personal goal setting and achievement. The platform offers a variety of tools to help users organize and plan their goals, connect with a supportive community, and receive tailored guidance from their personal AI coach, Socrates. Users can break goals down into manageable steps using Socra’s “Journeys” feature and track their progress toward achieving them. Additionally, the platform plans to introduce cutting-edge tools for smart progress tracking and community building in the future. Socra places a strong emphasis on data privacy and leverages OpenAI to ensure the security of its users’ information. Users are allotted a dynamic amount of daily AI usage, which changes based on system usage, and can increase their AI capacity by subscribing to premium or pro tiers. Overall, Socra is ideal for individuals who want to leverage AI technology to stay organized, productive, and on the path to success, and who may benefit from the support of a community.

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