Optimize Improved content productivity via summarization.

What is Skipit? is an AI tool that helps users save time by summarizing content from various sources such as YouTube videos, PDFs, websites, and articles. With a simple click, Skipit summarizes the content, making users 10 times more productive. The AI tool provides over 100,000 summarizations and responds quickly to user requests. is available in two versions, free and premium. With the free version, users can summarize 12-minute YouTube videos, 10-page PDFs, and limited website content. The premium version of provides users with more features such as the ability to summarize 4-hour YouTube videos, 2,000-page PDFs, and unlimited website content. It also offers faster AI responses, unlimited messages, a prompt library, saved chat history, and the ability to export chat. To use, users simply copy and paste the link to their favorite content into the tool, ask any question about the content they want the AI to summarize, and share the results with friends to save everyone time. is built for the AI community, and all the code is created by ChatGPT. The tool is copyrighted by Skipit LLC, and users have access to privacy, terms, and support information.

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