Optimize Analyzed user behavior recovers lost e-commerce revenue.
Sirio - AI Technology Solution

What is Sirio?

Sirio is an advanced monitoring software for e-commerce that uses machine learning to track technological anomalies, enhance digital experiences, and reduce revenue loss. Developed by Chiron, this platform assists users in identifying and resolving errors within their e-commerce sites. Sirio collects real-time user data to perform subsequent analyses, examining customer journey, user behavior, purchasing trends, abandoned carts, search queries, technical anomalies, and missed revenue. It provides users with graphs and suggestions to create winning strategies, increase conversion rates, and recover potential lost customers. The tool offers features such as revenue analysis, where it calculates revenue based on completed cart purchases and the revenue lost due to e-commerce issues affecting user experience. Sirio also monitors technological anomalies like JavaScript errors, slow-loading pages, 404 errors, server-side downtime, unsuccessful search queries, and bounce rates. It sends notifications when there is a rapid increase in anomalies, requiring timely intervention. Additionally, it performs behavior analysis by tracing user interactions, identifying where users drop off in the sales funnel, counting daily bounce sessions, and comparing search queries with and without results.Sirio includes advanced filters and segmenting capabilities for personalized data analysis and allows integration with various CMS platforms. With its focus on error detection and improvement of digital experiences, Sirio assists e-commerce businesses in maximizing revenue and optimizing customer satisfaction.

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