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What is SingleAPI?

SingleAPI is a tool that allows users to convert any website into an API in seconds. Powered by GPT-4, it uses web navigation and data extraction techniques to convert website content into JSON format. The tool offers various features, including data scraping, data enrichment, and automatic API generation. With its powerful scraping engine, SingleAPI enables users to extract data from websites without writing any selectors. Additionally, it provides data enrichment tools to add missing information to datasets, enhancing the quality and completeness of the data.SingleAPI offers flexibility in delivering data, supporting formats like JSON, CSV, XML, and Excel. Users can receive data in real-time using webhooks. The tool also handles proxy management, ensuring smooth operations without the need for users to handle proxies themselves. It monitors its crawlers 24/7, providing a dashboard for users to monitor their usage.The tool also supports search engine scraping, automatically detecting and scraping required data sources, including Google search results. For pricing, SingleAPI offers different plans to cater to various needs. The Hobby plan provides a free option for individuals, allowing them to try out SingleAPI with limited requests and features. The Professional plan, designed for businesses, offers advanced tools, priority support, and integration with Zapier. The Enterprise plan is customizable and suits big companies with high request volumes, providing additional features like API diagnostics, SLA uptime, and premium chat support.In summary, SingleAPI is a powerful and user-friendly tool that converts websites into APIs, offering features such as data scraping, data enrichment, and automatic API generation. It provides flexibility in data formats, proxy management, and search engine scraping, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases.

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