Optimize SHAP results management and sharing.
SHAPshot - AI Technology Solution

What is SHAPshot?

SOTAI is an AI tool that facilitates the management, viewing, explanation, and sharing of results when using the SHAP package to calculate Shapley values for model explanation. It offers a Python SDK and Web Client, enabling users to easily handle their SHAP results. With SOTAI, users can take a SHAPshot of their ML models and simplify the process of building trust in those models. The tool helps users explain and share SHAP results more effectively by providing a user-friendly interface.SOTAI allows users to sign up for free and offers a demo-request option. The tool also provides a three-line code approach to generate SHAP charts and simplifies the interpretation of complex charts. It aims to unlock clarity and understanding by offering straightforward language.SOTAI encourages engagement with its community, welcoming individuals interested in ML constrained optimization, interpretability, and explainability. Users are encouraged to share their experiences and how SOTAI has been beneficial to them. Additionally, SOTAI provides documentation and support through its website and offers a GitHub repository and a Discord channel for further collaboration.Overall, SOTAI serves as a helpful tool for those using the SHAP package by simplifying the process of managing and understanding SHAP results, enhancing the transparency and interpretability of ML models.

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