Optimize E-commerce SEO & translation for European markets
SEOlligence - AI Technology Solution

What is SEOlligence?

SEOlligence is an AI-powered tool that specializes in SEO and translation services for e-commerce businesses looking to expand their reach in the top European markets. It offers localization services for products by translating and optimizing SEO elements according to the specific needs of each market.The tool provides a range of services that help improve a product’s online visibility and search rankings. It generates unique product titles and subtitles, selects targeted keywords for each language using Semrush, creates comprehensive product descriptions, and highlights key features using up to 5 bullets.SEOlligence ensures SEO compliance by seamlessly adding HTML headers when necessary and preserving the original HTML format of the main product description. It also offers a FAQ schema service to enhance a website’s credibility and user experience by optimizing frequently asked questions.Additionally, the tool optimizes meta titles and descriptions to maximize online impact and improve SEO rankings, clicks, and user engagement. It also caters to Google Smart Ads needs by generating elements like headlines.SEOlligence is compatible with all e-commerce platforms and allows users to export their product data in XLS or CSV formats. The tool then generates the translated and optimized content, ready to be imported back into the platform.With its cutting-edge AI-powered translation capabilities, SEOlligence offers fast, accurate, and cost-effective SEO and translation services, allowing e-commerce businesses to create unique content and expand their global presence without changing the HTML format of their product descriptions.

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