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What is is a tool that harnesses the power of world-leading generative artificial intelligence to generate high-quality SEO keyword research and AI copywriting. It is designed to help users create SEO-enhanced content quickly and accurately. provides a range of features, such as AI-assisted copywriting, keyword research by AI, Google Docs style editor, 10,000 AI generated words, 10 AI keyword reports, and support for 50+ languages. It also offers real-time SEO guidance and content suggestions, competitor benchmarks, and AI SEO scores. Additionally, the tool can write content for users, allowing them to focus their time and effort on key tasks. is used by SEO marketers, web designers, SEO writers, legal advisors, and marketers, who report being impressed with its capabilities. The tool offers a 7-day free trial and a range of pricing plans, with the Standard plan featuring all the AI features for a monthly fee and the Enterprise plan offering more AI generated words, keyword reports, and other features on request.

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