Sense 2.0

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What is Sense 2.0?

Sense is an AI tool that helps to convert work chaos into sensible order. It is designed to create a single source of truth for teams, so that all documents, links, files, conversations, and other resources are automatically organized, synced, and interconnected. Sense works across all apps and websites and can be accessed via a Chrome extension. It helps teams to quickly search through their documents and stay in context. Sense also uses algorithms to find related content and conversations for every asset, and is a great fit for teams that don’t have a single source of truth, have to search across many apps and chats, and are fed up of manual solutions. It also helps to increase capacity, speed of people onboarding, data sharing, and project management, and can be used as a business booster. In addition, Sense ensures privacy, as all data is safely encoded and encrypted, and users have full control over their data. It integrates with many popular tools such as Confluence, Dropbox, Google Drive, Outlook, Slack, etc. and has a free 14-day trial period.

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