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What is Sendster?

Sendster is an email marketing and automation software that utilizes AI technology to enhance email campaigns. It offers features such as unlimited contacts, emails, and campaigns, as well as in-built email verification to maintain sender reputation. The software includes an AI email writer, which helps users create engaging email content, including headlines, subject lines, and complete emails, saving time and improving copy quality. Additionally, Sendster provides advanced deliverability features, including content spinning and unique links, to increase email deliverability rates. Sendster is a self-hosted email marketing platform that allows users to manage lead forms, email campaigns, autoresponders, and analytics within the software. It offers a user-friendly WYSIWYG email designer, enabling users to create visually appealing HTML emails without coding knowledge. The software is suitable for businesses of any size, with options for different volumes of leads, from 1-2,000 leads to 50,000-500,000 leads. Sendster also includes dozens of ready-made templates for newsletter layouts, covering various niches and occasions. Sendster includes in-built email verification to protect sender reputation, as well as powerful analytics to track email performance, including delivery reports, open rates, and click rates. It supports automation through triggers, webhooks, and tags, making email marketing more efficient. Users can easily manage and import contacts and lists, bypass delivery filters, and improve inboxing with features like subject line spinning, content spinning, and unique links. Sendster aims to provide a cost-effective solution for email marketing, saving users significant amounts compared to other popular email marketing tools.

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