Optimize Reports generated from natural language data queries.
Seek - AI Technology Solution

What is Seek?

Seek AI is a conversational AI tool for data analysis that lets users ask natural language questions without the need for deep knowledge of data analysis tools. Seek AI is designed for business end-users and offers instant answers to their queries through a conversational interface that can be integrated with popular messaging platforms like Slack and Teams. Seek AI’s conversational engine is equipped with an automated natural language processing model that can understand complex and contextually rich questions. As users ask questions, Seek AI captures them and stores them into a knowledge base that helps to avoid repeated questions in the future. Seek AI also offers a complete package with code editor, knowledge base, data warehouse integrations, and more. Seek AI claims to help business end-users query complex datasets more efficiently than with traditional data analysis tools. Seek AI is not intrusive and won’t track users’ information when they visit the site. However, users are requested to accept a tiny cookie to comply with their preferences and avoid being asked again.

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