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Second Nature AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Second Nature AI?

Second Nature’s sales training software uses AI-based conversational technology to simulate actual discussions with sales reps. This allows reps to practice their sales conversations in a safe, low-pressure environment and to improve their sales skills. The software helps sales reps to better understand the customer’s needs and to close more deals. It also provides sales leaders with insights into the reps’ performance, so they can focus on areas that need improvement. The software is used by thousands of customers worldwide and has been proven to improve sales proficiency by up to 45%, increase sales win rate by up to 28%, and reduce onboarding time. Second Nature is also a leader in the Info-Tech 2022 Sales Coaching Data Quadrant, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of popular products in the Sales Coaching market. The software offers the ability to practice any type of conversation with AI-based sales trainers and provides real-time feedback. This helps sales reps become more confident and successful in their sales conversations.

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