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ScriptMe - AI Technology Solution

What is ScriptMe?

ScriptMe is an AI-powered transcription tool that enables users to convert audio and video files into text-based formats quickly and easily. The platform supports over 31 different languages, and its transcription and subtitling features are designed to work faster than real-time. ScriptMe’s intuitive editing tools allow users to make changes to the text quickly, and the platform can export files in a variety of formats, including SRT and EBU STL for subtitling. The software’s customization features also help users customize their subtitles to their projects’ specific needs, including font, color, and background. Another feature of ScriptMe is its translation functionality, which allows users to transcribe, subtitle, and translate in up to 30 different languages. ScriptMe is easy to use; users can upload their files, choose a language, and begin the transcription process almost instantly. The majority of ScriptMe reviewers praise the tool’s speed, efficiency, and ability to save time and money. Overall, ScriptMe is an excellent option for those who need to transcribe and subtitle audio and video content quickly and accurately.

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