Optimize Interactive streaming with character conversations.
sceneXtras - AI Technology Solution

What is sceneXtras?

sceneXtras is a GPT-enhanced streaming companion available as a Chrome extension. It allows users to chat with AI characters from their favorite series and films. Currently, the tool is available on Netflix, with Disney, HBO, and Prime coming soon. With sceneXtras, users can have dream conversations with their favorite characters, exploring in-depth show details and uncovering hidden gems. The tool features SceneGPT, a personal entertainment concierge, which provides instant answers to questions about characters, places, backstories, and alliances. Users can interact with SceneGPT through chat.sceneXtras is working on adding new features, such as shoppable products from favorite shows, voice interactions with characters, and real-time notifications to help users keep up with complex storylines and important details.The tool has a size of 2.91MiB and is available in English language. It is developed by scenextras0, and the developer can be contacted through their privacy policy website []. Privacy practices are disclosed, and the tool collects data related to location and website content. Further details can be found in the developer’s privacy policy.Overall, sceneXtras is a GPT-enhanced streaming companion that allows users to have interactive conversations with AI characters, enhancing their streaming experience and providing additional information about their favorite series and films.

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