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What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that helps users manage their entire content lifecycle. The platform offers a range of features and integrations to assist with planning, researching, creating, and optimizing content.With Scalenut, users can build content clusters to establish topical authority and generate keyword plans for their niche. The AI-powered recommendations and content planning functionality provide multiple blog ideas and strategies for improving organic traffic. The platform also offers competition analysis, NLP key term analysis, and statistics to uncover insights and build effective content strategies.One of the standout features of Scalenut is its AI copywriting capability, known as Cruise Mode. Users can leverage this feature to write persuasive, SEO-optimized content at scale. The platform provides ready-to-rank, factually correct, and plagiarism-free content. Real-time SEO scoring is available, and users can optimize and refresh existing content using NLP key terms.Scalenut offers 40+ AI copywriting templates for generating effective marketing copy that drives conversions. The platform caters to a range of users, including SEO strategists, content creators, executives, and agencies. It serves various industries such as retail, technology, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and finance.The platform has received multiple accolades and positive reviews from users, highlighting the effectiveness of its AI capabilities and its ability to grow organic traffic. Scalenut also provides free tools, seamless integrations with popular marketing apps, and a knowledge base with blogs, ebooks, and help documentation to support users.

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