Salary Sage

Optimize Maximizing salary negotiation practice and coaching.
Salary Sage - AI Technology Solution

What is Salary Sage?

Salary Sage is an AI-powered tool that aims to enhance users’ salary negotiation skills. Through AI-driven mock negotiations, users can practice negotiating their salary in authentic and realistic scenarios. The tool provides real-time coaching during the mock negotiations, offering hints to help users excel in interviews and maximize their total compensation. Users also receive personalized feedback tailored to their target company’s expectations, with the AI coach suggesting improvements to enhance their negotiation prowess. With Salary Sage, users can track their progress and see how they have improved over time. The AI coach provides an analysis of their performance based on proven metrics. The tool offers different pricing tiers. The free tier includes one mock interview per week, real-time coaching, and generic feedback. The standard tier, priced at $20 per month, offers 21 mock interviews per week, real-time coaching, and personalized feedback. The professional tier, billed annually at $180 ($5 per month savings), provides unlimited mock interviews, real-time coaching, and personalized feedback. Salary Sage highlights the fact that two out of three professionals do not negotiate their salary, potentially missing out on an average of $1 million in wages over the course of their careers. The tool aims to empower users to avoid leaving money on the table and take control of their earning potential.

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