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Roketfy - AI Technology Solution

What is Roketfy?

Roketfy is a platform designed to help Etsy sellers increase sales through a variety of smart tools and services. One of its main features is the Listing Checker, which analyzes product listings and compares them to top-performing listings on Etsy to provide actionable recommendations. Additionally, Roketfy offers a Product Research tool that helps users discover profitable products to sell on Etsy through smart filters and trend analysis. Roketfy also employs AI technology with its AI Reviews feature, which transforms customer feedback into valuable insights to elevate store ratings, and the AI Writer, which can generate SEO-friendly product descriptions at a faster rate. The platform also offers features such as a Smart Score System, Keyword Suggestions, and Listing Attributes for optimal listing optimization.In terms of customer satisfaction, Roketfy has features such as Sentiment Analysis and Review Insights to help users understand their customers’ feedback and improve their products and services accordingly. The platform also offers Topic Categorization to give users a better understanding of what customers love and what they would like to see improved.Overall, Roketfy is a useful platform for Etsy sellers looking to optimize their listings and increase sales through data-driven tools and smart AI technology.

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