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Revoldiv - AI Technology Solution

What is Revoldiv?

Revoldiv is an AI tool that allows users to convert video/audio files to text through a four-step process. Firstly, users upload their media files into the platform, then the AI converts the audio into text. Next, users can edit the text to remove filler words, delete text or search for specific words. Finally, with the edited text, users can create audiograms of their favorite snippets and export their video or subtitle in any format for easy sharing.The platform boasts of having the most accurate transcriptions in seconds, and the tool supports Chrome and Firefox browsers while supporting media files of less than two hours long. Editing is currently supported on non-mobile devices. Additionally, Revoldiv provides features like detecting cheers, speech, and applause, and it allows users to create chapters for their content, leave comments, and share their favorite snippets through the platform’s sharing feature.Users can also download the plain text or subtitle in different formats, including SubRip Subtitle, Video Text Tracks, and in different video formats like IGTV, Stories or Reel, among others. The platform’s drag and drop feature makes it easy to upload media files, and users can leverage the easy selection feature to select all or part of the transcription by merely highlighting the text.

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