Optimize An image editor that removes backgrounds automatically.
Retoucher - AI Technology Solution

What is Retoucher?

The Remove Background From Image tool is a 3-in-1 image background remover that allows users to automatically remove the background from an image and choose between a white, transparent, or custom background. It also offers photo editing capabilities and provides results in one click. The tool is designed for both personal and professional workflows and is powered by AI, providing good image quality and saving time in creating stunning designs without requiring the use of Photoshop. The background eraser works automatically with any image and allows users to add a white or custom background with ease. There is no need to create an account or sign up to use the background removal services. Additional features include the ability to crop pictures, change image size and color, cut out unnecessary image parts, and test product photos in bulk for better conversions. The tool also provides multiple images uploading, API support, and constant quality improvements to deliver the best background removal service. Users can upload one or multiple images or drag and drop images into the tool for editing. The resulting images can be downloaded in PNG or JPG format in desired resolutions.

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