Optimize Automated e-commerce marketing by email and SMS.
Retentionscience - AI Technology Solution

What is Retentionscience?

The Email Marketing Automation for Ecommerce AI tool by Retention Science is an award-winning platform designed to streamline and optimize email and SMS marketing campaigns for ecommerce businesses. The tool leverages artificial intelligence (A.I.) to personalize messages for each stage of the customer’s lifecycle, boosting sales and retention rates.With Retention Science, users can expect to uncover more sales opportunities and achieve faster growth. The A.I.-driven automation eliminates guesswork, saves time, and enhances the effectiveness of email marketing efforts. The platform’s predictive ecommerce automation has helped clients increase email engagement rates and purchase rates significantly.Key features of Retention Science’s tool include intelligent lifecycle automation, optimized campaigns, flexible workflow customization, and SMS integration to complement email marketing efforts. By leveraging customer data gathered from leading ecommerce platforms, the tool’s customer data platform (CDP) provides a unified view of prospects and customers. The A.I. capabilities enrich customer data with predictions for customer lifetime value, churn likelihood, and more. This allows for precise segmentation of email campaigns and better results.Retention Science also offers rich data reporting, combining detailed analytics, revenue reporting, visualizations, and data mining tools. This provides users with visibility from top-level reporting down to individual prospect behaviors.The tool has been trusted by hundreds of brands to reach millions of customers daily, and it aims to help ecommerce businesses grow their online sales and scale effectively.

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