Optimize Solution for incident response and root cause analysis.
Resolvd - AI Technology Solution

What is Resolvd?

Resolvd is an AI-powered incident management platform designed to streamline and optimize the incident response process. It offers automated incident response capabilities, including root cause analysis, data aggregation, and dynamic runbook creation. Resolvd is built by engineers and aims to reduce the time spent on incident response by correlating connected events across data sources, accelerating investigations, and minimizing alert noise. This enables engineers to resolve issues faster.One of the key features of Resolvd is its ability to reduce manual log review by 80%. It provides automated insights that allow developers to focus on the actual problem rather than spending time digging through data. Additionally, Resolvd provides a centralized hub for all data and logs, facilitating simple data querying with enhanced semantic search capabilities, making the process more efficient.The platform also includes automated anomaly detection, which empowers proactive alerting and allows AI to filter out noise from logs, highlighting the truly critical issues.Resolvd works by syncing data and utilizing powerful AI/ML models to surface insights, patterns, and anomalies from massive log data. It connects alerts with relevant logs, metrics, documents, and communication data to provide responders with a unified view. Moreover, Resolvd integrates with existing systems like Slack, Jira, and PagerDuty, delivering log insights in the workflow when needed.Overall, Resolvd aims to supercharge incident response by leveraging AI technology to optimize processes, enhance collaboration, and improve the efficiency of incident resolution.

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