Optimize Video prospecting platform for sales.
Reachout - AI Technology Solution

What is Reachout? is an AI-powered video prospecting platform built to help busy entrepreneurs and sales teams increase their email response rates and start conversations with prospects. It eliminates the need to manually record 1:1 videos, saving time and energy that can be better spent. The platform allows users to quickly add leads and contacts from their CRM and customize a pre-recorded video with dynamic background effects. has been shown to increase CTR from 4% to 52% in just three days and increase reply rates by 6x. It also has the ability to generate personalized videos at scale, helping users to stand out in a crowded inbox. In addition, offers multiple connection methods, including a visual interface, API and Zapier, to allow for maximum flexibility. It also allows for drag-and-drop editing directly in the platform, making it easy to create dynamic personalized videos. can help users save money, time and energy, and increase their success in sales and marketing.

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