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What is Raya?

Raya is an AI-powered job assistant tool called by Waivly that helps job seekers in their job search process. It offers a range of features and functionalities that aim to enhance the job hunting experience. Users can use Raya to create professional resumes that stand out to employers, and the tool can also assist in composing personalized cover letters that make strong impressions. Raya provides customized tips and practice questions to help users prepare for job interviews effectively. Additionally, it offers networking strategies to help users connect with professionals in their desired field.The tool also offers job search help by crafting a job search strategy based on the user’s skills and experience, making the process more efficient and targeted. Raya can guide users on skill enhancement by suggesting learning resources for acquiring new skills. It can also provide guidance on salary negotiation, aiding users to negotiate competitive offers.Raya assists in gathering insights about companies of interest to help users make informed decisions. Additionally, it provides guidance on sending follow-up messages after interviews for proper interview etiquette.Overall, Raya aims to streamline the job search process through its AI-powered capabilities, providing users with personalized support, and enhancing their chances of success in finding meaningful employment.

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