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RapportAI - AI Technology Solution

What is RapportAI?

EvaBot is an AI-driven tool that provides Rapport Enablement for enterprise sales. The tool aims to convert every stakeholder into a champion, leading to improved sales outcomes. With its multithreading capabilities, EvaBot enables deep engagement at every stage and scale, ensuring that stakeholders are easily reachable through text messages.The tool offers various solutions, including Rapport Enablement, Employee Gifting, Customer Gifting, Holiday Gifting, Mortgage and Real Estate, and more. It helps build instant rapport with decision makers and creates champions throughout the sales process, ultimately preventing revenue loss.EvaBot caters to different types of businesses and relationships. For customer success managers, it helps take customer advocacy to a captivating level, turning clients into raving fans. Real estate professionals can utilize the tool for enhancing reviews and referrals, starting with a closing gift. HR and recruiters can improve employee engagement by implementing a customized and engaging employee journey. Additionally, EvaBot facilitates sending the right holiday gifts automatically and stress-free.The tool boasts a high acceptance rate, with a significant reduction in meeting no-shows and hours saved per month in call preparation. It has been well received by customers, who appreciate the unique and seamless experiences it provides. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the tool’s ability to build relationships and yield positive results.Overall, EvaBot’s Rapport Enablement for Enterprise Sales offers an AI-powered solution for building champions and maximizing human engagement throughout the sales process.

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