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Qventus - AI Technology Solution

What is Qventus?

Qventus is an AI-based software platform designed to optimize patient flow across various departments of a hospital, including emergency departments, inpatient units and perioperative units. This tool automates processes, integrates market data, and utilizes personalized AI/ML models to increase efficiency, improve visibility into processes, and enhance the quality of care provided to patients, all while reducing staff burnout. The Qventus platform combines AI, ML, behavioral science, and integrated EHR & market data to create a closed-loop system that automates care operations for hospitals and healthcare systems. By utilizing Qventus, hospitals and healthcare systems can experience significant operational improvements, including: higher surgical case volumes, improved utilization of early block release, reduced excess days, boosted revenue, increased robotic surgical cases, and increased lead time from proactive block release. The tool is a strategic partner for hospitals and healthcare systems, driving growth and success across large health systems, community hospitals, and academic medical centers. The Qventus platform provides operational expertise, predictions, automation, and hardwired best practices, which together aid in long-term success. With hundreds of successful deployments across multiple hospitals and health systems, Qventus is a proven solution for improving daily patient operations.

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