Optimize Web/YouTube page summarization.
QuickStory - AI Technology Solution

What is QuickStory?

QuickStory is an AI tool that leverages advanced AI models and proprietary technology to provide quick and efficient summarization of web pages and YouTube videos. By utilizing this tool, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of a given article or video within seconds. The tool offers an immersive experience, designed to engage the user’s senses and enhance their understanding, thereby elevating their perspective. It provides tailor-made engagements and personalized experiences for each of the top-trending news platforms, ensuring an enhanced reading journey.With meticulous attention to detail, QuickStory supports lengthy and complex articles, enabling users to comprehend intricate topics with ease. In terms of pricing, QuickStory offers simple and transparent options. The basic plan is free and includes 10 quotas for new users. It utilizes the GPT3.5 model and supports OpenAI API Key, along with custom prompts. For more extensive usage, users can opt for the premium plan, which is available at $9.95 per month or $99 per year. This plan offers 1000 quotas per month, the ability to chat with page contents, and supports long text inputs. It utilizes the best AI models, such as GPT-4.Overall, QuickStory is a valuable tool for individuals seeking to quickly summarize and comprehend articles and videos, providing an efficient and engaging reading experience.

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