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Questgen - AI Technology Solution

What is Questgen?

Questgen is an AI-powered quiz generator that provides an authoring tool to generate assessments like multiple choice questions (MCQs), true/false questions, higher-order questions, etc. in one click. It can turn any text into a quiz in seconds that can be exported in PDF or text format. The AI-driven algorithms powering Questgen have been developed over multiple years of research exclusively in the field of edtech. Questgen is designed for teachers, schools, HR teams, textbook publishers and edtech companies who want to create assessments quickly and accurately. It is a great alternative to outsourcing the assessment creation process and can save time and money. It also helps teachers and schools avoid repetitive questions from fixed question banks every year. HR teams can use Questgen to create assessments from compliance documents. For publishers and edtech companies, it allows for a small in-house team to create assessments. The open source library on GitHub allows users to explore the technology and algorithms powering Questgen. Questgen is trusted by 15,000+ users who have saved thousands of hours, generating 350,000+ MCQs and 150,000+ true/false questions. There is a free trial available with no credit card required.

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