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Prune - AI Technology Solution

What is Prune?

Prune is an AI-powered platform designed to simplify the entrepreneurial journey for startups. It offers a streamlined approach to planning, building, and marketing projects. Prune provides various tools to help startups document, organize, learn about, and execute their ideas more effectively. The platform includes Coach, an AI buddy that tailors solutions for business challenges, such as marketing hiccups or operational glitches, providing step-by-step help. It also features AI Tools, which act as round-the-clock creative sidekicks, assisting with tasks like creating company profiles, brand guidelines, and emails. Prune’s ChatBot, Ask Bloom, serves as a helper for writing and staying productive, offering support for tasks like creating engaging content and taking quick notes. The platform aims to enhance creativity and career skills by tapping into the power of AI technology. Prune emphasizes a user-friendly experience, providing intuitive features that can be easily accessed by startups. By simplifying the entrepreneurial process and leveraging artificial intelligence, Prune aims to support startups in their journey towards success.

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