Optimize App monitors urine flow for prostate and bladder health.
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What is proudP?

proudP is a mobile app for men’s prostate and urinary health. It is a FDA Class II medical device that tracks and measures urine flow to extract key indicators on prostate and bladder wellness with a clinical accuracy of 98%. The app measures basic uroflow metrics such as urine volume, flow rate, and voiding time, which urologists look at to make a preliminary assessment of the prostate and urinary system. The app records and extracts four key metrics, including voided volume, maximum flow rate, average flow rate, and voiding time, which serve as an initial indicator of prostate and bladder wellness. proudP’s proprietary AI algorithms are built from over 120,000 clinical and real-world samples that have been validated by seven clinical studies in the US and Korea. According to the results of the studies, the proudP app has accuracy rates of 98% for maximal flow rate and 97% for voided volume in real bathroom settings. Additionally, it is HIPAA compliant and Urologist endorsed. The app is easy to use, and it provides clinically meaningful information to aid in the monitoring of men’s prostate and urinary wellness.

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