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Prompto - AI Technology Solution

What is Prompto?

Chat Gallery is an AI-powered offline gallery assistant that uses advanced AI technology to provide a convenient and accurate photo search experience. With this app, users can easily find photos on their devices by simply typing in a keyword. Whether it’s searching for ID cards, selfies, group photos, screenshots, gourmet food, concerts, or invoice lists, Chat Gallery can locate the desired images.The app offers several core features. It integrates with TensorFlow and OpenAICLIP, leveraging a powerful AI model for scene recognition and photo categorization. It also enables reverse image search within the gallery, allowing users to quickly find similar or related photos. Furthermore, Chat Gallery operates offline, so users can perform photo searches anytime and anywhere without needing an internet connection. The app automatically organizes photos based on keyword relevance and image-photo match, providing smart sorting capabilities.In addition to standard search capabilities, Chat Gallery allows users to search by colors, locations, people, pets, emotions, and other elements. It offers a convenient way to categorize and search for photos in various scenarios, whether it’s recalling a beach sunrise, looking for mountain climbing with friends, revisiting a weekend BBQ at home, or searching for moments of walking the dog in the park.Chat Gallery prioritizes data safety, with no data shared with third parties and no data collected by the app itself. The app is regularly updated, ensuring continuous improvement and user satisfaction.Please note that the description is based solely on the information provided in the text.

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