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What is Promptmakr?

Promptmakr is a platform for Prompt Engineers to generate and share unlimited AI art prompts for free. It provides a user interface that allows engineers to easily create their own repository of high quality prompts. Promptmakr includes features such as lots of people in front of a military vehicle, food distribution, apocalyptic, chaos, foggy, fantastic backlight, fight, octane render, back light, cinematic, ISO 400, 8K, Indian street, chaos, people, bazaar, cinematic, hyper detailed, cyberpunk, 8K, tuk tuk, rickshaw, a river full of flowers running through a thick forest, rainforest, big leaves, vines, colorful vegetation, dream-like, nature, iridescent, low angle, hyper realistic, ambient occlusion, octane render, flock behavior, swarm of humans, fog, post apocalypse, atom punk, wide angle, volumetric lighting, cinematic still shot. Promptmakr offers a Discord server to facilitate collaboration and has been featured on Product Hunt. It is a great tool for anyone looking to create AI art prompts quickly and easily.

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