Optimize Summarizes and categorizes text in spreadsheets.
PromptLoop - AI Technology Solution

What is PromptLoop?

PromptLoop is an AI tool that enables users to use artificial intelligence like GPT-3 within Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets with a simple formula. It allows users to categorize, summarize, and transform text data in spreadsheets. The tool offers a variety of use cases such as analyzing sales lists, generating SEO and keywords, drafting powerful customer messaging for e-commerce listings, unpacking survey responses, and transforming messy text. With PromptLoop, building spreadsheet models powered by AI is made easy for anyone with a spreadsheet, thus, eliminating the need for extensive AI expertise or programming. PromptLoop offers a formula, which works just like sum or vlookup functions, that generates answers using powerful AI models. The AI models leverage a small set of example data and build an inference around it. The tool also provides an option to create custom workflows using text generation, summarization, web search, and custom endpoints to accelerate work. Users can train their custom AI models to carry out specific tasks with a simple spreadsheet or CSV without needing an engineering team. PromptLoop is used and trusted by various customers, and it also offers a free trial and demos.

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