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Proficientai - AI Technology Solution

What is Proficientai?

Proficient AI is an end-to-end platform that provides tools for building virtual agents to assist businesses in interacting with their customers. The platform offers interaction APIs and SDKs for quickly adding virtual robots to business applications, which function similarly to a GPT-like chatbot. The platform has client and admin APIs that allow users to test, deploy, and operate AI agents. There is an admin dashboard that makes this process easy and straightforward. Additionally, Proficient AI provides thorough documentation and community support via Discord, where users can get help, provide feedback, and stay up-to-date with the product’s updates. Proficient AI is available in private beta, and users can reach out for early access. The platform’s primary product is Taya.AI, and the developers provide an active GitHub repository where users can find additional materials to improve their experience with the platform. Finally, as a business that provides a cutting-edge AI platform, Proficient AI is active on professional networking tools like LinkedIn, social media like Twitter and Facebook, and has a Contact section available on their website for further consultation.

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