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Optimize Drive-thru assist boosted restaurant productivity.
Presto AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Presto AI?

Presto is an AI-driven automation tool designed specifically for drive-thru restaurants. The tool uses voice assistant technology and machine learning algorithms to provide reliable and scalable solutions for drive-thru operations. The technology has been deployed successfully across thousands of restaurants, making it a proven leader in the industry. It offers the richest feature set available, ensuring ease of installation and 24/7 availability. It boasts significant cost savings in labor and incremental revenue gains through upselling, and aims to improve guest satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat visits. Presto provides real-time data, including 16 operational metrics for drive-thru performance in its augmented ecosystem of Presto Vision. This data helps businesses reduce wait times and increase order accuracy to deliver a superior guest experience. Presto is highly scalable and designed to operate at peak efficiency 24/7 all year round, with over 95% of orders being taken with no human intervention. Its technology ensures increased order accuracy and ultimate reliability, making it a sought-after solution for drive-thru restaurants across the globe. The majority of drive-thru AI voice assistant systems currently in operation in the United States are Powered by Presto, and it continues to be the most popular automation solution for drive-thru restaurants. Presto also offers a media kit, investor relations, blogs, and other informational resources through its online platform.

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