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What is Posturenet?

The Realtime Posture Monitoring App on  Mac, known as PostureNet, is an AI-powered tool that monitors and improves posture while working. It is compatible with  Mac devices running Monterey (12.0) with a front camera. The app uses advanced AI technologies such as deep neural networks, on-device training, computer vision, personalized machine learning, depth analysis, and real-time feedback to detect and remind users when they slouch in real-time. It aims to promote better posture, reduce back pain, and improve productivity.The app offers a personalized experience by accurately detecting and analyzing the user’s unique posture. It prioritizes privacy as all posture data is stored locally on the device and never leaves it. Setup is quick and easy, taking less than a minute to start using the app. It can be used offline without an internet connection since the AI model is trained on-device.Customers have praised the effectiveness of PostureNet in improving posture and reducing pain. The app offers a full-featured free trial for 72 hours, after which users can choose to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan for continued usage.PostureNet can also be used on iPhones by selecting the Contiunity Camera mode. Additionally, users can choose to monitor their posture using an external camera if available. In case of changes in camera or environment, the user may need to recalibrate the posture data to ensure accurate detection.Currently available only for  Mac devices, PostureNet utilizes the advanced ML features of the platform. The app does not collect or share posture data with any external parties. Users teach the app to recognize their individual postures to receive customized reminders. The app also allows users to adjust the frequency of alert messages.In summary, the Realtime Posture Monitoring App on  Mac, PostureNet, is an AI-powered tool that leverages advanced AI technologies to monitor and improve posture while working, aiming to promote better posture, reduce back pain, and enhance productivity.

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